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Offering the NJ Certified Assisted Living Administrator Course (CALA). ALTA and Senior Living University have partnered to offer the first and only correspondence/classroom course for the CALA.

Assisted Living Training Associates, known in the industry as ALTA has been teaching the state of New Jersey required Assisted Living course since 1995. The founding members of ALTA began as members of a state sponsored public-private partnership established in the early 1990s. The purpose of this committee was to develop a new senior housing option - one that blended residential standards and values with nursing care. The result is what is known today as Assisted Living. The ALTA partners participated in the writing of the state's licensing standards, as well as the development of the core curriculum for assisted living administrators.'

Since 1995, ALTA has been heralded as the original, premiere teaching company for CALA participants, and has taught over 1800 students, many of whom have become today's leaders in the New Jersey assisted living industry.

All have participated in Assisted Living workshops, on-site visitations to Assisted Living Residences in the USA, and have been approved by the Department of Health to conduct Assisted Living Training in New Jersey. They are all Assisted Living Administrators and Members of the DOH Assisted Living Work Group.

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"The best thing I ever did for my career was taking the ALTA class. The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging and I passed the state exam on my first try. Thank you, ALTA." - Matt W.

There is no course like the ALTA class. The instructors made even the less interesting materials, like regulations, exciting and interesting. Their experience in the assisting living industry is simply unmatched my anyone out there." - Michelle R.

The ALTA class was amazing. The history itself was fascinating, and what made this class exceptional was the fact that the instructors lived the history. They are the pioneers. What more could a student ask for?" - Tony T.

Become a Certified Assisted Living Administrator in Half the Time!

We are proud to annouce Senior Living University and ALTA have joined to offer the first and only correpondence course in New Jersey for the 56 Hour Assisted Living Administrator Course.

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